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ALTAIR 4X - Atex Gas Detector

The ALTAIR 4X is a reliable multi-gas detector that measures O2, H2S, CO and combustible gas. Besides being one of the most compact multi-gas detectors available, it has an extremely durable rubberized housing and is very easy to use.

- Robust, easy to grip design
- Easy to read display
- Triple alarm system (audible, visual, vibrating)
- InstantAlert & MotionAlert alarm features for additional safety
- Up to 16-hour battery run time
- Large rubberized buttons for easy operation
- Simple bump check with checkmark for 24 hours. Bump Check Indicator:
The ALTAIR 4X allows for a simple bump check, which will be recorded and displayed on the screen as a checkmark for 24 hours. Either insert the ALTAIR 4X into the QuickCheck or attach the calibration cap to carry out a bump check.

Triple Alarm System:
The triple alarm system fitted to the ALTAIR 4X effectively cautions the user to any danger. Super-bright LEDs on the detector’s top and bottom ensure alarms are visible from all angles. The ALTAIR 4X also has a confidence safe LED that flashes every 15 seconds to indicate the detector is working properly. The audible alarm is typically measured at 95 dB at 30 cm and a strong vibrating alarm is also a standard feature.

Full Datalogging as Standard:
A highly comprehensive datalogging facility is standard on ALTAIR 4X. This allows the user to keep a record of day-to-day gas values detected at a configurable time interval along with any other events seen.
MSA Altair x4 Gas Detector

Motion Alert:
ALTAIR 4X has an optional Motion Alert feature in case the user is overcome and requires assistance. When enabled, Motion Alert will activate a pre-alarm if ALTAIR 4X does not detect motion for 30 sec. If there is no motion detected after a further 10 seconds the detector goes into Motion Alert alarm. This could prove to be invaluable in potentially life threatening situations.

Instant Alert:

This unique feature gives users the ability to manually activate an alarm to attract the attention of anyone nearby. In situations where voice communication is difficult [e.g. when wearing masks] this standard feature further increases piece of mind for the user.

Easy to Read Display:

The ALTAIR 4X display is straightforward and extremely easy to read. The large numeric display allows users to view gas concentration, alarm conditions, battery status, set points and peak reading with accuracy and confidence.

Long-Life Battery:
The rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides up to 16 hours of continuous operation and outperforms other battery technologies in extreme environmental conditions.

MSA ALTAIR 4 Specifications

Drop test 20 feet
Housing Rugged rubberized
Weight 7.9 oz
Dimensions (L x W x D) 4.4 x 3.0 x 1.31
Audible alarm >95 dB at 1 ft
Visual alarm 4 ultra-bright LEDs on top and bottom
Vibrating alarm Standard
MotionAlert & InstantAlert Optional
Display High Contrast LCD
Backlight Adjustable time-out
Battery Rechargeable li-polymer

Run time 24 hours @ room temperature
Charging time < 4 hrs
Operating temp range –20ºC to + 50ºC
Short Period Operation –40 °C to + 60 °C
Humidity 15 – 90% RH non-condensing
Ingress protection IP67
Data log (Adjustable) 50 hour minimum
Event log Standard 500 events
Standard warranty 3 years
Extended warranty Optional 1 year

ALTAIR GALAXY - Testing & Calibration Unit


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The multifunctional GALAXY provides simple but intelligent testing and calibration of the ALTAIR PRO and other ALTAIR PRODUCTS

- Fully automated test stand
- Easy-to-use keypad
- Robust design
- Intuitive visual and audible indicators
- Up to 10 GALAXY modules can be interconnected
- Stand-alone – no PC required.